Advantages To Using An Electric SmokerWhile there will always be outdoor chefs who scoff at the notion of using an electric smoker, these units are quickly gaining in popularity. There are several advantages to using an electric smoker, and most importantly there is one to fit every budget. The best electric smoker will take all of the guesswork out smoking a variety of different foods so everything ends up with that mouth watering smoky flavor that you love. Along with being extremely easy to use, there are several other benefits associated with using an electric smoker.

Benefits of an Electric Smoker

Electric smokers are designed to be easy and convenient to use, and are ideal for beginners. Once the smoker is set you can generally walk away, unlike charcoal models which require constant monitoring and care. Electric smokers are available in several different sizes, and also include various features that will determine its price point. Easy to use and affordable, it is easy to see why many backyard cooks are turning to electric smokers.

Easy to control the temperature

One of the biggest advantages to using an electric smoker is that the unit will automatically control the temperature. All you have to do is set the smoker to the temperature that you want, and it will maintain it throughout the cooking process. This is easier than wood or charcoal smokers that require constant feeding and monitoring to maintain a consistent temperature.


While there have been some electric smoker models recalled for potential hazards, these units are actually considered the safest. Most electric smokers do not use a wood or a charcoal burning fire to cook your food, which dramatically reduces your risk of accidentally burning anything down. Electric smokers are generally considered safe to use on balconies in apartments and condos, since there are not any burning embers being emitted. Some smokers also include additional features that will let you set the cooking time to prevent overheating and electrical fires. With the ability to control almost all of the functions on an electrical smoker, your risk of fire or accidents is greatly reduced.

Extra cooking capacity

There are electric smokers for sale in a wide variety of sizes. You can chose from smaller, more portable models, or units that are large enough to smoke several pounds of meat and other food items for shows and parties. The number of cooking racks will also vary between the different models, and since the trays can be removed you can smoke larger items in some of the smaller models. Even with the larger electric smokers, you still get evenly cooked and smoked meats and cheeses. An electric smoker will spread the heat out, unlike other types of outdoor cookers, which gives you delicious smoked food no matter the unit’s size. With one large electric smoker you can have all of the extra cooking capacity you need to feed all of your family and friends.

With all of the advantages to using an electric smoker, it is easy to see why these units are gaining in popularity. Easy to use and convenient, an electric smoker will most importantly give your food that great smoky flavor that you and your family love.

Bob Pounder

Bob Pounder

As an experienced griller and smoker, Bob routinely use wood and electric smokers. Not only can he compare the advantages of both of these models, he is also extremely skilled at using them. When Bob isn't smoking ribs or making award winning deer jerky, he will be sharing all of his tips and recipes with us for the website.
Bob Pounder
Advantages To Using An Electric Smoker

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