BBQ Festivals, Competitions, and Plenty of Good FoodIts summertime and that means it time to dust off the grilling tools, pull down the secret recipes, and heat up your smoker. From June to September it is officially “BBQ Season”, and there are plenty of chances for you to win a coveted blue ribbon. Whether your specialty is BBQ chicken, brisket, or a smoked turkey there is a competition being held nearby.

A Competition Where Everyone Wins

There are very few contests where everyone, especially the spectators go home feeling like they won, except when there is food involved. Not only do the throngs of hungry visitors to the competition get to wander around and try different flavors and styles of smoked foods, the backyard chefs can also exchange and trade spices and family recipe secrets.

The competition is fierce and delicious, and you can’t forget about dessert. Most of these festivals and competitions also include pies, cakes, cookies, brownies, and the list goes on.

These competitions can be between neighborhoods and friends, or encompass most of your city and surrounding county. The smokers can be manned by one tired and excited chef or an entire team of friends. It is the perfect way to spend the weekend with friends and family, and enjoy a home cooked meal that you didn’t have to prepare. Whether you are new to smoking foods or an experienced pro, we heartily encourage you to at least experience all of the great food and fun at a BBQ cook off.

BBQ Festivals

These are only a few of the upcoming BBQ events and you can see the complete list at the included website. We wish you luck at your competitions, along with a hearty “Happy Eating”. If you want to add your own BBQ festival or event please feel free to send us the information, and we also encourage you to share this page with friends and family. We wish you a safe and happy summer, filled with loved ones and great food.

BBQ Festivals, Competitions, and Plenty of Good Food

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