Meat is undoubtedly one of the most favorite foods of the humans. There are varieties of meats available in the modern market, but one of the juiciest and the tastiest is pork. Most of the people cannot resist their love for this particular dish and visit the restaurants once in a while to taste the absolutely wonderful preparation. Among the various preparations of pork, the roasted pork is one of the most magical dishes. While, you are wondering about the cost of such a dish in the reputed restaurants, it must be a wonderful experience for you to prepare the pork roast at your home. For the successful preparation of the delicious dish at your backyard, you need to follow some instructions. As the electric smokers have been introduced in the market, cooking roasted meat has been made easier than ever. Let us now find out the ways of preparing smoked pork.

Prepare the meat

In this cooking instruction, we would take into account meat of 6 pounds. Remove the skin of the meat and wash the surface with cold water until the impurities are removed completely. Once the cleaning process is over, rub it with the ingredients that have been listed in the segment below.

Prepare the rub

Prepare the rub pork

When it comes to the preparing of the smoked pork, the function of the rub is inevitable. The taste and flavor of the dish is maintained by the ingredients you would use for rubbing the meat. Therefore, you must take enough care while choosing the ingredients. For preparing a dish of sensational roasted pork, you would need these items.

  • Dark brown sugar
  • Kosher salt
  • Chili paste or powder, according to your preference
  • Black pepper
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Thyme
  • Garlic paste
  • Onion powder
  • Cinnamon

Make sure that you do not miss any of the products mentioned above. Mix all the ingredients and prepare a solution for rubbing. Apply the rubbing solution on the surface of the meat until it forms a layer.

Get the right wood chunks

While, wood is one of the most important ingredients you would need to carry out the cooking process of the roasted pork; you must pay enough attention during making the purchase. There are several wood chunks available in the market. All of them differ from each other in terms of flavor. Some of them provide the fruity flavors, while the others might be floral. You must not depend on the supervision of the others, and try to make the choice according to your preferences. Once, you have bought the wood chips; do not put them raw into the oven. Try to put them into a container full of water for the night and let them soak some water. It would add to some great benefits during the cooking period. The entire process of cooking is made inexpensive, because the wet wooden chunks avoid the exploitation of the fuel. Thus, you would not need to spend more cash on buying fuels. On the other hand, slower the process of cooking, better the smoked pork dish is prepared.

Marinade the meat

Marinade the porkMarinating the meat properly is another criterion for adding to the taste of the dish. For the perfect marinade, you need to rub the ingredients on the surface of the meat until the meat turns softer. You can consider spending few hours for the particular process and that would lead you to get hold of amazing results. Keep the marinated meat into the refrigerator for the night and expect some surprising results. Take the meat out of the fridge an hour before the cooking time. It would allow the body heat of the meat to rise, which is an indication of its qualification for getting smoked. If you marinate the meat during the night and keep it in the fridge overnight, the entire rubbing ingredients would be effectively penetrated inside the flesh and that would make the meat tasty.

Smoking is good for the meat

For the perfect smoking of the meat, the pork must be roasted in the furnace in an appropriate manner. After the rubbing and freezing of the meat is completed, take it out of the fridge and prepare it to get smoked. Smoked pork has been one of the most exciting dishes of all time. You, too, can prepare such a dish properly if you maintain enough heat into the smoker. Turn the smoker on and let the internal temperature rise to some extent, i.e. 220 degrees Fahrenheit. In most of the electric smokers, there are two separate smoking pans. One of those pans uses water to generate smoke, while the remaining one uses wood chips. While it is very important to purchase the right wooden chips, maintaining the water pan is also important and can bring positive results to your preparation. Make sure that the water pan is full of liquid; at least 2/3 parts of the pan must be filled. The water present inside the wet pan provides enough moisture to the meat and that traps all the smoke on the surface. Moreover, the process of cooking is slowed down, which makes the dish well prepared. The most amazing feature of the electric smoker is that they are able to maintain good levels of temperature inside the chamber. Thus, you would not need to worry about the regulation of chamber heat. Once the body-heat of the meat around the bones reach at least 160 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit, you can be sure about the preparation period is over. The roasted pork is all ready to be served along with the barbeque sauce. One last thing, keep the meat into the smoker for another hour after the cooking period. It would lead to the return of the vaporized juice on the surface of the meat.

Prepare the bbq sauce at home

There are various brands in the market that have made the bbq sauce available. But you can try to make your personal sauce and that would surely make the guests excited. Conquer your low level of confidence and try to prepare the sauce using the ingredients that have been mentioned below.

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Ketchup
  • Brown sugar
  • Garlic powder
  • Salt
  • Crushed red peppers
  • Black peppers
  • Cloves

After arranging all these ingredients, you would require to make a solution out of it. Unlike the rubbing substance, it cannot be prepared without heat. For preparing the spectacular bbq sauce at home, you would need a sauce pan and an oven. Dare to challenge the commercial sauces and develop your own barbecue sauce. Pour the ingredients into the sauce pan and stir it for at least ten minutes until the sugar granules as well as the salt particles are dissolved into the solution.

Serve the mouthwatering dish

Now it seems that the entire recipe is ready to introduce your taste buds with mind-blowing flavors. In case, the pork you have prepared consists of bones then try to cut it into pieces in an appropriate manner. Make sure that you cut it against the bones. It would lead to the breakdown of the meat strength and allow it to emerge as a crunchier and juicy meat. Serve the meat along with your personalized sauce and the guests would be all set to cheer you.

Jason Burlington

Jason Burlington

An avid outdoor cook, Jason has been smoking meats since he was eight years old. Starting on his grandfather's wood smoker, he has smoked everything from chicken and brisket, to various fruits, veggies, cheese. He has since horrified his family and purchased an electric smoker, which continues to amaze him. Jason is looking forward to sharing his experiences with us, and we are hungrily anticipating his delicious recipes.
Jason Burlington
Prepare the Amazing Recipe of Roasted Pork in the Electric Smoker

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